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How to create PayPal account without last name?

Here we learn, How to create PayPal account without last name. This is a common problem for people who have not last name in their documents. If you want to create a business account in PayPal to receive payment from out of the country. You are required last name. If you don’t have last name in your documents, you are not eligible for international transaction. In my situation, I don’t have last name in my bank account, PAN card, Aadhaar, Voter ID etc. But No worry friends I also suffered from this issue from the last 1 year. Finally, I found a permanent solution to this difficulty.

Why I need PayPal business account?

I have many blog website’s. There are some type of website’s from there, google not give AdSense approval. So I use alternative option of AdSense for earning from ads network. These ads network provide PayPal transaction, so we required to create our PayPal business account without last name. Also, if we work online as a freelancer, we require PayPal business account for international transaction.

Can I edit my name in my PayPal account?

Yes, you can edit your name in your PayPal account after created complete account. If you make your PayPal business account with demo last name. You can remove that name by provide your documents with single name or first name only.

How to change profile name in PayPal?

  1. First Log in your PayPal account.
  2. Go to your profile that is showing in right corner of your dashboard
  3. select profile settings
  4. select personal information
  5. Click on change button in front of name
  6. select appropriate reason to edit/change your name and click continue
  7. write your correct name and click on change name button
  8. we can change miner information like spelling error. But if we want to remove last name we required to upload documents. So we click on send us documents.
  9. Here we upload 2 documents (Photo ID and a copy of a legal document showing your name change).
  10. After 24 Hours, your profile name will be change automatically when PayPal team review your documents.

How to change business name in PayPal?

  1. Go to profile right corner of your PayPal dashboard.
  2. Select account settings
  3. Go to Business information and select update
  4. Here you see your business profile name complete (with last name)
  5. Now click on edit button (Showing in right corner of your screen)
  6. Now remove your last name from name field. Here you can change more information like business type, address etc.
  7. Click on save button.
  8. Here, your business information name will change immediately.

How to change name in account owner information of PayPal?

  1. Move your cursor on profile name (right corner of your screen)
  2. Select account settings
  3. Select account owner information
  4. Now click on change button in front of you name
  5. Select the reason of changing your name
  6. Select “send us document”
  7. Here we need to upload 2 documents (Photo ID and a document with name change)
  8. Your name change in 48 Hours. After review your document by PayPal team.

Final Conclusion

First we create an account on PayPal with demo name like my name is “SONU”. But we make account with fake name “SONU DAHIYA”. After create account, we can change our name in by uploading our documents easily.

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